B’Rush Ski Club successful Easter gathering

May 16, 2023 | News, Summer

B’Rush Ski Club had a large crew at the lodge over Easter.
Members & guest partook in a plethora of maintenance work, eating, drinking, childminding & overall having a great time.

We managed to flash the living room windows with the new cladding, put away a stack of firewood, cleaning, cleaned up electrical cables in bedrooms, threw out a heap hard rubbish & old mattresses along with multiple other tasks readying the lodge for this year’s season.
The weather was all over the place as usual with snow one day, rain & glorious sunshine for a couple of days.
That didn’t stop everyone having a great time.
This years lodge managers John & Susie McBride Joined us for an intensive induction & got to know the members who attended.
The meals were not disappointing either, the highlight being a great paella prepared by Matt & Westo. Job well done.