Privacy Policy


This policy outlines how B’Rush Ski Club manages personal information.
It describes the type of information collected, how the information is collected, the purpose for which the information is collected and how the information is stored.
The privacy act requires that we advise all visitors and members with whom we deal of our Privacy Policy. Further information on general privacy matters can be found at
Personal information collected by B’Rush Ski Club may include, but not limited to:

  • Name
  • Contact details (address, phone, email)
  • Booking history
  • Banking and/or credit card details, where supplied, are used for the purposes of processing individual authorised transactions only. This information is not kept or stored by B’Rush Ski Club.

Individuals from whom we collect personal information may include, but not limited to:

  • Members
  • Guests
  • Contractors, service providers
  • Others who come into contact with B’Rush Ski Club

Personal Information is collected when, but not limited to:

  • You make an enquiry (phone, email, web site) to B’Rush Ski Club
  • You make a booking (phone, email, web site)
  • You voluntarily provide your details to B’Rush Ski Club.

Your Information May Be Used, but not limited to:

  • When providing information about B’Rush Ski Club
  • When making or confirming a booking

Disclosing Your Information
B’Rush may need to disclose your personal information to a range of organisations that provide services to B’Rush Ski Club. These may include, but not limited to:

  • Financial institutions in the case of direct debit or credit card transactions
  • B’Rush Ski Club professional advisors
  • B’Rush Ski Club Insurers
  • Statutory Authorities as required

If your information is to be used or disclosed for additional purposes your written consent will be sought.


Managing Your Personal Information
B’Rush Ski Club holds your personal information securely through physical and electronic means. B’Rush will take all reasonable steps to ensure personal information is not misused, lost or subject to unauthorised access or use.

B’Rush Website
The B’Rush website may record information about your use of the site. This may include web pages visited, time and date of your visit. B’Rush Ski Club uses this information to improve our service and the performance of the web site. In addition we may use “cookies” which are small text files that help a web site recall user preferences. This is standard practice for many web sites. Any personal information collected using “cookies” will be treated in the same manner as all information collected by B’Rush Ski Club. Users can disable “cookies” from their internet browser to prevent the information being collected, however this will reduce the benefit that “cookies” can offer.


Accessing Your Personal Information:
Subject to some exceptions provided by law, you have a right to access your personal information that B’Rush Ski Club holds. For security purposes any request must be in writing and marked attention to B’Rush Ski Club Committee. Contact details available on our Contact page. Further information on general privacy matters can be found at