Spectacular refurbishment of comfy lounge chairs

Jun 13, 2023 | Winter, News

B’Rush Ski Club recently embarked on the refurbishment of those super comfy iconic lounge chairs with a spectacular result.

B’Rush Ski Club lounge chairs prior to refurbishment

Having endured the test of time and many an apres drink, our lounge chairs were in need of replacement or refurbishment. Embarking on a hunt to find replacements, we soon discovered there wasn’t a lot on offer. With Winter fast approaching we started looking for suitable hard wearing material and reputable upholsterer. A chair was dispatched to Melbourne and the hunt was on.

Realising our options were limited, club Architect, John Lee and President, Robyn Napolitano, in a very short time chose a suitable fabric as well as an upholsterer who was prepared to take on the job. The logistics became our next challenge. 18 large lounge chairs were at Mount Hotham and they all had to be moved to Melbourne as snow started falling.

Unperturbed by this new challenge, Robyn found a courier and a couple of strong blokes to carry the chairs up the hill, put them on a truck and promptly had them in Melbourne mid May. It would have taken a lot of trips if members had to transport the chairs in private cars. Just over a week later, at 9:43 pm on May 31st, our security cameras captured the moment the refurbished chairs were delivered back to the lodge.

Against the new charcoal carpet and timber panelling, the chairs look simply fabulous. We’re sure you will all agree this was a mammoth effort with a spectacular result. Why not book your stay with B’Rush Ski Club and join us to enjoy the comfort of the refurbished chairs.